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The world of marketing is a noisy one! Everyone is out there developing a new widget every day and pushing those widgets as the new singular solution to fix your marketing problems. I bet you even own some of these widgets. Some of these widgets are amazing. However, unless these widgets are implemented with a clear objective in mind, and a plan to measure their performance, you are wasting time and money. At Theia Marketing, we believe that you should stop wasting money on your marketing and start investing it in your business’s growth.


Understand the performance you are getting from your current marketing.


We build custom packages that fit your business's specific needs.


Need help sorting out one particular issue or just extra hands for one project?


Marketing Assessment

Every company needs its marketing department to function like a finely tuned system. With our marketing assessments, we work directly with your company to review your current marketing tactics and identify what is working and what isn’t. When done, you will have a clear path forward toward improving your marketing are reducing waste.

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Marketing Engagements

Marketing takes considerable time to get good results and even more time and money to do it all yourself. To help MSP’s and Integrated IT Service Providers get the most out of their marketing budget, Theia Marketing has developed four marketing packages specifically solving the marketing needs of MSP’s at different stages of their business’s growth.

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Marketing Projects

Have a marketing problem that is getting in the way of more pressing business needs, or your team does not have the tools to solve the problem efficiently? We can develop a custom solution to address your specific problem.

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