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Growth Plans Retainer, Tiers, Pricing

Here's a breakdown of our pricing and services. 

Contact us today to determine which service level is the best fit for your organization. 


Take your company to the next level with a growth suite

Contact us for specialized pricing meeting your needs. Here is what you can expect for each pricing tier. Note that all services will happen each month. We also have project-based pricing if you're interested in a particular service below. We also have onboarding fees. 

Starter Local Professional Enterprise
Monthly Price
$ 2500
$ 6
per mon

$ 7000
$ 7
per mon

$ 10000+
$ 29
per mon
Attract Visitors
Directory Optimization and Reputation Management
Make sure you are found online in over 80+ directories and your customers are reviewing your services and products.
Search Engine Optimization
SEO, technical, on-page, off-page, and linkbuilding.
Blog Writing and Annual Content Plan
Amount of blog writing will depend on package selection.
Sales-Ready Web Design
We make sure your website is user-friendly and converts leads.
HubSpot License Implementation
We implement your HubSpot license for you.
CRM and Database Setup and Segmentation
This is a great place to add a bit of extra information about the feature.
Generate Leads
Lead Capture
We create lead capture landing pages, and nurture sequences. Funnel design depends on package selection.
Email Marketing
We send emails at a certain agreed-upon cadence to your clients and prospects.
Live Chat
Additional fee priced per lead.
Paid Advertising
Does not include advertising spend.
Content Development
We write and design content for sales and marketing, such as PDFs, checklists, and case studies.
Marketing Automation
We nurture leads through marketing automation, email sequences, and lead scoring.
Increase Demand
Inbound Marketing
We track your prospects, leads, marketing qualified leads, sales qualified leads, across the inbound flywheel to revenue and AR. Requires HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hubs Pro.
Ongoing CRM Training
We provide training to make sure you get the most out of the HubSpot platform.
Revenue Operations
Streamline marketing and sales in one place.
Sales Enablement and Custom Sales Sequences
Requires HubSpot Sales Professional.
Custom Pipeline Reporting
HubSpot Sales Pro required.
Manage Customer Service
Knowledge Base Buildout
HubSpot Service Hub required.
NPS Survey Build and Results
Find out your net promoter score and improve service.
Customer Service and Ticketing Strategy
We help identify improvements with your customer service strategy.
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Let's grow. Together. 

Regular Check-Ins

We keep you apprised of marketing campaigns and results through Zoom and email. 

Delivering Results

We deliver your company leads in a systematized way to turn into customers to turn into raving fans. 

Succeeding Together

We celebrate our successes together, and take ownership and learn from our failures. We go where the data tells us. 

At Theia, we pride ourselves on providing fast, reliable, and amazing customer service. We believe it's what separates great companies from average ones. 


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