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Theia Marketing Guest Posting Guidelines

4 min read

By Karen Lopez on 2020 September 24 16:00 GMT-06:00

Thank you for your interest in writing as a guest blogger for Theia Marketing’s Guide to Marketing Blog! 

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How to Validate if Your SaaS has a Product/Market Fit

5 min read

By Karen Lopez on 2020 September 18 16:00 GMT-06:00

“Startups occasionally ask me to help them evaluate whether they have achieved product/market fit. It’s easy to answer: if you are asking, you’re not there yet."

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9 Proven Ways to Improve Your Customer Retention

5 min read

By Karen Lopez on 2020 September 10 16:00 GMT-06:00

No matter how incredible your products or services are, if your business cannot convert customers into loyal product ambassadors and evangelists, there is much room for improvement.

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Measuring Product/Market Fit: 4 Metrics You Need to Know

5 min read

By Karen Lopez on 2020 September 3 16:30 GMT-06:00

Your Business Needs Product/Market Fit to Succeed

Product/Market Fit is a concept in the business world that can help organizations supercharge the relationship between their business, their products, and the customers that buy them.

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Want to Find the Right Product/Market Fit? Avoid these 6 Mistakes

5 min read

By Karen Lopez on 2020 August 27 16:00 GMT-06:00

Product/Market Fit is an important factor in your business’s success

The process of achieving the right product/market fit can be tricky, considering there are various steps that go into attaining it.

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How to Achieve Product/Market Fit

6 min read

By Karen Lopez on 2020 August 20 16:30 GMT-06:00

Product/Market Fit, what is it?

The key to making your business work is to start by considering what your target customers want; that way, you can sell it to them.

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Measuring Your Product/Market Fit is Easy with the Sean Ellis Test

6 min read

By Karen Lopez on 2020 August 13 16:30 GMT-06:00

Defining Product/Market Fit

As the person in charge of running and scaling a business, you want to ensure your products and services are in demand. Ideally, your company launches products that fulfill a need or solve a problem that troubles your chosen market; therefore, becoming a necessity to your audience.

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Well Wishes to Anyone with COVID!

4 min read

By Lucas Munisteri on 2020 July 20 14:04 GMT-06:00

We have been fortunate as a company and as a family so far. None of our clients or employees have gotten COVID so far. We’ve felt the economic impact of COVID-19, but luckily no personal impact.

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4 Reasons to Keep your Marketing Spend During a Recession

4 min read

By Karen Lopez on 2020 July 9 11:40 GMT-06:00

Previous economic recessions like those of the 1980s and 1990s were called business cycle recessions. The world economy faced inflation, central banks increased interest rates, and investments were low. The global financial crisis of 2008 led to a depreciation of the US mortgage market that led to a banking crisis.

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Improve your Problem-Solving with First Principles Thinking

5 min read

By Karen Lopez on 2020 June 24 16:00 GMT-06:00

As entrepreneurs, we encounter endless opportunities and possibilities to innovate the way we run our businesses, the way we create, manufacture, and present our products and services, and the way we interact with our customers.

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