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Guide to Marketing, Growing, Optimizing your business

Understanding MQLs and SQLs

5 min read

By Karen Lopez on 2021 February 26 16:00 GMT-07:00

Generating leads is vital to acquiring new customers. 74% of companies agree that converting leads into paying customers is their top marketing priority.  

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Topics: Lead Scoring MQL SQL

RevOps vs Sales Ops vs Marketing Ops

5 min read

By Karen Lopez on 2021 February 18 16:00 GMT-07:00

Whether in politics, athletics, or business, every successful team needs a goal-oriented leader to steer the way. Without leadership, there is a lack of direction, disorganization, and little chance to achieve the desired outcome.  

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Topics: RevOps Sales Ops Marketing Ops

The Sales Learning Curve

5 min read

By Karen Lopez on 2021 February 11 16:00 GMT-07:00

Launching a new product requires effort to ensure its success. Once a new product is on the market, companies usually want to push it onto prospects and have these convert into paying customers as soon as possible.  

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Topics: Understanding Your Business Sales Learning Curve Sales Operations

How ABM Measures ROI

5 min read

By Karen Lopez on 2021 February 4 16:00 GMT-07:00

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Topics: ABM Account-Based Marketing Measuring ROI

The Future of RevOps

4 min read

By Karen Lopez on 2021 January 28 16:00 GMT-07:00

As the business world becomes more saturated and the level of competition increases, business leaders have innovated how they run their business and the service they give to customers.  

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Topics: Revenue Operations RevOps Future of RevOps

RevOps Metrics that Matter Most

5 min read

By Karen Lopez on 2021 January 21 16:00 GMT-07:00

Revenue operations function by bringing an organization's marketing, sales, and customer success departments together to ensure smooth end-to-end management. This approach is meant to "breakdown" any siloed activities between these teams. 

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Topics: Revenue Operations RevOps Metrics

How RevOps Drives ABM Success

5 min read

By Karen Lopez on 2021 January 14 16:00 GMT-07:00

In marketing and in sales, the more specific and personalized your approach to a prospect or customer you get, the better results you are likely to achieve. Every customer wants to feel important, and that's what makes AMB's personalization strategy so effective. 

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Topics: RevOps ABM Account-Based Marketing

Using the Jobs to be Done Framework to Understand Your Customers

5 min read

By Karen Lopez on 2021 January 7 16:00 GMT-07:00

Revenue operations center on ensuring teams align around helping their products stand out from the competition and sell 

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Topics: RevOps Jobs Theory Jobs to be Done Framework

Using RevOps for Your Business

7 min read

By Karen Lopez on 2020 December 17 16:00 GMT-07:00

The steady downfall of inter-departmental friction and siloed companies have led the way to the rise of RevOps. Similarly, an increasing trend in interdepartmental collaboration, data-driven marketing, and cross-functional tools have boosted revenue operations even further.  

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Topics: Customer Journey Revenue Operations RevOps

Why You Should Hire a RevOps Agency vs. Hiring a RevOps Team

6 min read

By Karen Lopez on 2020 December 10 16:00 GMT-07:00

revenue operations approach is central to a company'long-term growth because it aligns its entire customer life cycle and makes it more efficient.  

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Topics: Marketing Insights RevOps RevOps Agency