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Ekaterina Howard

Ekaterina Howard

Ekaterina Howard is a conversion copywriter and strategist working with B2B SaaS startups. Learn more about Ekaterina at and make sure to sign up for The Lightbulb Moment Club newsletter,, for monthly deep-dives into copy-related factors that can make or break your growth.

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A 3-step process to instantly make your lead magnets more desirable

3 min read

By Ekaterina Howard on 2021 November 28 17:57 GMT-07:00

Get more conversions with a few simple tweaks to your lead magnet landing pages and social posts

You know that lead magnets — especially in B2B space — can help you attract, capture, and convert quality leads. But this is what I see happen over and over with lead magnets: marketers spend weeks on creating beautiful, original, well-researched, useful resources… while treating landing page copy and social post copy as an afterthought.

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