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About Theia Marketing

Theia Marketing is a Colorado-based marketing firm located in the small town of Elizabeth. Theia was founded to provide companies an outsourced marketing department that would function as if it were an internal department to their company. Our favorite type of customer is IT managed service providers, especially the ones that function as another company’s outsourced IT department. We enjoy applying our critical thinking skills. Our founders both have engineering degrees from the Colorado School of Mines. By marrying a love for technology, strategy, and critical thinking, we excel at communicating complex technical topics to the end user who may not understand industry-specific terms.

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We genuinely care about you and your business.

Your marketing success is our priority and focus.

We address your business's marketing challenges methodically.

We will always treat you as a person, never a number.


How we got started

We founded Theia Marketing in 2018. After a successful career in the oil and gas industry, we decided that it was time to take a step back and assess what was truly important: family. Our kids were growing up before our eyes, and we were not there for most of it. We left our corporate jobs to start a company that would enable us to be there for our kids when they needed us and would give us the ability to provide for our family.

The first business we started was an engineering consulting firm. After trying to get that started, we realize how much work marketing was, and that we preferred marketing to engineering. Marketing allows us to be creative problem solvers and solve new problems every day, which is the same reason we got into engineering. We took our love of family, helping people, always doing the right thing, problem-solving, and critical thinking, and made those the core values of our business.


Leadership Team

Theia Marketing is lead by a husband and wife team that are passionate about their family and their customers.

Lucas Munisteri


Lucas applies his technical knowledge and positive attitude to drive the growth of Theia. Before founding Theia, Lucas spent ten years in the Oil and Gas industry working on some of the industry's most technical problems.

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Islin Munisteri Headshot

Islin Munisteri

Vice President

Islin takes her selfless nature and pours that into Theia and her customers, making sure they are getting their objectives meet. Islin is passionate about people, family, and being an authentic person.

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