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Virtualize your marketing department!


Do you struggle with your marketing?

Are you getting less sleep at night because you’re worried about how you're getting your next customer? You know you have to do something with your marketing, but it just takes too much time. 

Return on Investment

Is your business not getting the profitit could?


Are you seeing your participation dropping with your brand?


Do you struggle with clearly communicating your value?


You want your customers to see the value you offer them.


We are your marketing guides

Both owners of Theia Marketing are engineers. We are highly technical, and terms like MQLs (marketing qualified leads) and CPS (cost per sale) don’t scare us. We leaped into marketing because we know we can make a sizable difference to your bottom line. Most of all, we’ll look at your MSP business systematically from our first call. We believe in employing the Strategy First methodology before using any marketing tactics.

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Strategy First  

Grow your business systematically. Get from overwhelmed to focused over a two-day in-person workshop or a one-month online engagement. Learn how terms like marketing hourglass, customer journey, content calendar, and buyer personas lead to increased leads and ultimately, the sale.  

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I have been working with Thea Marketing for a few months now and have to say they have been fantastic. I have seen my engagement rise as well as bookings. If you are on the fence, look no further, they know what they are doing.
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Justin Geisel
Lotus Weddings
Theia Marketing Group..our official Marketing Team for the 2019 Girl On Fire Awards Show here in Denver. This Husband and Wife Team are so awesome and sweet but most importantly they are getting the job done 💪 They understand my crazy mind y'all 😂😂 They really do get me! I highly recommend them for your marketing needs.
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Latashia Cheney
Gir on Fire International
My website that they created is amazing!! So professional, eye catching and gives my clients the information that is most important. It’s still simple enough that it’s easy to navigate and keep them on my page to attract business. They handled details that I didn’t want to and made me look good!
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Kelly Tabert

Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint

Once we have your personalized strategy, we function as your outsourced, virtual marketing department. We work with your business on an ongoing basis to keep your marketing, growing your business. With our reporting and monitoring, we will be able to talk one-on-one about how your marketing is impacting your sales calls. We help your business live up to its full potential. 

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How to get started!

1. Schedule a discovery call

2. Identify to proper package offering fits your business goals

3. Execute the package together


What’s my investment worth? 

  • How much is not having a clear customer journey costing you?
  • How many potential clients chose your competitor over you because of better messaging?
  • How many people are passing up your managed IT services and keep on going only with a break-fix model?
  • Can potential customers understand why they need your MSP?

A lack of clarity with your marketing may already be costing you a great deal. 

Find out how much