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Business to Human Growth Agency

A holistic approach to your customers' journey 

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Struggling with your marketing, sales, or service infrastructure?

Building the necessary technology infrastructure for a complete and enjoyable customer journey can be a tedious process. This process is core to your business's success and is likely not something you want to allocate internal resources to.

Smarketing is hard, but a business shouldn't struggle because it doesn't have the marketing plan it deserves. 

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Return on Investment

Are you getting the 5x return on investment on your marketing spend? 


Are you seeing key stats drop in engagement with your brand? 


Are you speaking to your customer's pain points and offering value at the right time?


Do you have a clear path for growing your business, with leads turning into customers? 


What is Business to Human Marketing?

Marketing focused on customer experience! 

With all the noise people are consistently inundated with, it is hard for them to pay attention to every bit of information.  Companies have to try harder and harder to get their content noticed. For Theia Marketing, B2H marketing means a unique focus on the customer journey's human component and making sure the customer gets the best experience possible. We translate this experience on to our clients' customers. 

Why not B2B or B2C? 

Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing both lose sight of the end objective; the person that ends up choosing to use your product or service is ultimately a human. And, like humans, they demand to be treated with respect and dignity. And they choose to work with your company because you help them with their problem. 

Think back to a company you worked with 10 years ago and you hated the experience as the person buying their services, are they still around today? If they are how are they doing as a company, are they on the same direction? Most likely they have changed their attitude. 


Your business growth guides

The owners of Theia Marketing are engineers. We are highly technical, and terms like MQLs (marketing qualified leads) and CPS (cost per sale) don’t scare us. TLA's run in every industry and marketing is full of them. We know them all.

We leaped into marketing because we are driven by making a sizable difference to your bottom line. When we start working with you, we look at your business holistically. We believe in employing the Strategy First methodology before using any marketing tactics. If you put the cart before the horse, you cannot get to where you are going. 

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Strategy First

The Inbound Way

Grow your company systematically. Go from overwhelmed to focused over a two-day in-person workshop or a one-month online engagement. Learn how buyer personas, customer journey, and a content calendar leads to increased leads and demand generation. 

Don't want to implement the strategy we outlined? Don't worry. We can implement your marketing strategy for you and work with your internal teams, providing marketing collateral, sales enablement content, and other materials for long sales cycles to win the client. 

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Growth is a marathon, not a sprint

We function as your outsourced, virtualized marketing, sales, and support department. We work with your company on an ongoing basis to keep you growing your business. With our reporting, monitoring, and one-on-one meetings, we discuss how your marketing is enabling sales and how your sales are supporting your marketing. 


How to Get Started: 

1. Schedule a discovery call

Let's talk about your challenges and see if we're a good fit. 

2. Strategy for your growth

We put together a plan for execution. 

3. Execute the growth strategy

We execute the plan, changing course as the data tells us, and we meet with you on a certain cadence. 

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Why Theia Marketing? 

At Theia Marketing, we are family first, and we only work with the people and companies that we want to be part of that family. Our team always strives to give our clients the best possible results and never engage in deceptive marketing practices. Our goal is to see your business grow and run as smoothly as possible. 

If we decide to go separate ways at some point, we work to keep the separation process as painless as possible. Our team will work with your new marketing team, whether internal or a competitor, to get all of your assets transferred over. No Games!

Interested in learning more? 



HubSpot Solutions Partner

We have partnered with HubSpot to give us the ability to offer our customers first-class service. While other marketing businesses may partner with other software solutions we have found that none of them have been able to deliver the level of results that have been possible with HubSpot.

  • Amazing employee adoption
  • Crystal clear customer journey
  • Outstanding performance monitoring
  • Unheard of ROI

Our Clients Love Us!

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